Fun Ideas for Adding Your Own Spin to EasiYo

As you’ve been enjoying your EasiYo yogurt topped with your favourite toppings or having them mixed in, have you dreamed of the other things you could do to make it your own creation? We have some great ideas from our own team and a few from you, our amazing EasiYo ambassadors. Here are just a few.   


Coffee flavoured yogurt:

Prepare your favourite good quality coffee and allow to cool to room temperature (15-20°C). Use your cooled coffee in place of water and mix with EasiYo Unsweetened Greek Style, Vanilla or Sweetened Greek Style depending on how sweet you like it.


coffee plunger iStock 144219227


Chocolate/Milo yogurt: 

Add approximately 1 teaspoon of hot chocolate or milo per 100g of EasiYo Unsweetened Greek Style yogurt, have a little taste and if you like it more chocolaty add a bit more to taste.  


Yogurt Cheesecake using a  mix: 

One of our EasiYo ambassadors Sara, shared with us her daughter Nicole’s recipe for a tasty cheesecake using EasiYo yogurt. 


How to make it: Use your favourite cheesecake box mix. Add half a jar (1/2 of 1kg jar) of EasiYo Greek Style Blueberry yogurt to the filling portion in the instructions. Place the cheese cake into fridge to set overnight. Grate chocolate on top for good measure and enjoy! When using EasiYo Vanilla yogurt add the whole jar and it will taste great and set well.


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